Dr. Candice C. Chow

BEng (Mech), MBA, MSc, CFA, DBA

Co-Founder, Principal & Managing Director 



Jan Klakurka


Co-Founder, Principal

A quintessential generalist, Candice has acquired a comprehensive set of functional and practical executive competencies from more than two decades of cross-industries, cross-continents, and cross-functional experiences, while relentlessly pursuing academic excellence in order to push her intellectual boundaries. She straddles the realms of academia and practitioner - hence a true "consuldemia", who strives to bring excellence to all of her professional engagements by continuously integrating and adapting theories into practice.


She believes that the world is the mirror of our inner state of being. In order to create a sustainable thriving future for the next generations, purpose and values are the north star for our decisions and actions. She is holds a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) in the field of strategic leadership and corporate responsibility adoption.  


She held the position of senior director of strategy at one of the largest Canadian transportation companies for more than a decade. She left the corporate world to complete her doctorate and build elevae. Her recent work includes conference presentations with the Academic of Business In Society in Belgium, the International Academic Forum in Hawaii, and delivering a professional workshop with the British Academy of Management in Bristol this fall, 2018 on the topic of values and corporate responsibility. She is currently a sessional lecturer with Humber Business School and Huron College, UWO. She is a frequent guest lecturer among top Canadian universities including the Masters in Sustainability and Management Science program with the University of Toronto Mississauga, Masters in Business Administration with the Ted Rogers School of Management, as well as the undergraduate programs with Rotman Commerce.   


Candice is the mother of two beautiful daughters, who love dance, creative arts, and are mesmerized by the mystery of the universe. She believes in the importance of integrating her profession with family and life in general. elevae is her quest for balance, harmony and impact.


For further information, check out Candice's LinkedIn profile



Jan is a foresight and strategy practitioner with a professional background spanning twenty-five years in industry, professional services (strategy consulting and public accounting) and academia.  Jan has advised Fortune 500 executives, stewarded a publicly-traded entity’s major business unit, and directed the largest academic unit of a university.   


Jan’s applied research is directed toward the intersection of strategic planning, lucid foresight and organizational governance, with a particular interest in the future of work. He also founded the Real-Life Consulting Project at Rotman Commerce in 2011, where his expertise as Guiding Partner for client teams has driven tremendous client value. He is the co-founder of the new module in Governance, Leadership & Ethics at Huron University College, one of the first truly interdisciplinary studies programs in the country.


Jan teaches a variety of strategy courses at Rotman (consulting, strategic management, international strategy), broad foundations courses at Huron (including tax, operations, and the brand new Strategic Foresight & Futuring) and for the past five years has delivered a Rotman Summer Abroad course called Strategy in the European Context, taking students to Brno, Czech Republic and surrounding cities.  


Recent work includes a keynote covering consulting by academics – what he refers to as “the Consuldemia” – a book chapter on outcome evaluation, and judging the 2018 Most Significant Futures Works of the Association of Professional Futurists. 


Jan is impassioned with reinventing university education and is an avid advocate for experiential and interdisciplinary learning, as well as mentorship. He is married to Candice Chow. He enjoys spending time with their children and is an avid skier, golfer and wine connoisseur. He enjoys travelling and outdoor adventures. 

For further information, please see Jan's LinkedIn profile.


Oakville, Ontario, Canada


1-416 606 8627 

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