Our Business Philosophy

Elevae is a dynamic representation of our vision. We envision Elevae as a an organization in perpetual evolution that continuously learns, develops and integrates theories with practice while driving positive and impactful change in businesses and in society. It is Elevae's "panoptic" view to theories, practice and the world that formulates one of the core foundations of our truly unique form of consulting. We see ourselves as an emergent form of thought leaders - termed as  “consuldemia”, thinkers and practitioners who cut across the traditional divides amongst, consultants, advisors, academia and educators. Consuldemia strives to deliver fresh, insightful and innovative perspectives to practice while being fully vested in execution excellence. Consuldemia applies rigour in learning from evaluative outcomes, and relentlessly refine and retool evidenced-based models and theories to stay abreast of dynamic changes, while firmly anchored on purpose and values. 



Elevae's thought leadership, executive development and management education practice focuses on thought-provoking applied research that challenges legacy beliefs through publications, speaking engagements and conference participation. We believe in lifelong learning that integrates theories with experiential and inter-disciplinary learning, as well as the efficacy of mentorship. Elevae designs and delivers bespoke management education, corporate programs and strategic advisory services to help businesses and leaders deliver sustained impact.