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I am fortunate to be the mother of two beautiful daughters who love to dance and are wise beyond their years. We love to travel as a family and we often take the less-trodden paths even when the kids were small. While we call Toronto home, we consider the world as our playground.  I care deeply about the wellbeing of humanity and education. helping others achieve their potential is my calling. In a sense building Elevae is my personal quest to integrate my professional aspirations and personal fulfilment. 

I believe that the world is the mirror of our inner state of being. In order to create a sustainable thriving future for the next generations, purpose and values are the north star for our decisions and actions.

I straddle the realms of academia and practitioner - hence we coined ourselves as the true "consuldemia". We strive to bring excellence to all of our professional engagements by continuously integrating and adapting decades of experience with theory bridged to practice.

Candice Chow


I am impassioned by doing my part to reinvent society for generations now and to come.  I see people's heightened competencies, balanced perspectives, fast-tracked professional judgment development, and wits as precursors to positive change.  For these reasons, my passion is executed through a personal mission to revitalize current and future leaders through experiential and interdisciplinary learning, relatable mentorship, and trusted full context interpretation.   Thriving sustainably and equitably is do-able.

Years ago I coined a phrase "jump to the point of objectivity".  In a complex world of opinion and relativism, together we can always blend intuition, experience, and information to guide decisions now that work for us all down the road.

I am a foresight and strategy practitioner with a professional background spanning 25+ years in industry, professional services (strategy consulting and public accounting) and academia. My applied research, directed toward the intersection of strategic planning, lucid foresight and organizational governance, and experience together inform my advisory and projects. I am an avid skier, golfer and wine connoisseur. 

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Jan Klakurka