elevae's core business service is strategic advisory, management consultancy and management development practice. We focus on elevating our clients' business value across key aspects of their business: profits, revenues, people, customers, community and the environment. To enable long-term value creation for our clients, we invest in enhancing our clients' strategic competence by offering in-house strategic advisory services, futuring and foresight analysis, strategic planning design and facilitation, customised management development programs as well as integrating and operationalizing sustainability objectives.


elevae' purpose is to elevate businesses’ potential to increase their value creation and maximise their impact on society: economic, social and environmental. We work collaboratively with a number of like-minded, progressive consulting firms and individuals, who share our passion and aspirations. Together, we create a thriving future for our children and our children’s children. 






Meet the Principals

Dr. Candice Chow

DBA, MSc, MBA, CFA, BEng (Mech)

Co-Founder, Principal 



Jan Klakurka


Co-Founder, Principal


Oakville, Ontario, Canada


1-416 606 8627 

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